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  Welcome to the Future of Health Caring

Lesson 1: Congratulations and Welcome to the IHP Community!

Congratulations and welcome to the IHP Community! It is an honor and pleasure to have you and I am excited for not only the material you'll be learning, but for your future as a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner. You are the future of health!

Please listen now to this personal message from me to you and then enjoy the journey as you move through the IHP course work and certification - And remember, my team and I will be with you every step of the way!


(In future DESTRESS Protocol® sections you will find downloadable PDF slides for you to print out and take notes on.)


(In future DESTRESS Protocol® sections you will find downloadable PDF handouts for your private use and in your practice.)

Relevant Podcasts for Continuing Education

(When relevant podcasts are available they will be linked in this section.)

Book Recommendations

If you have not read the Rain Barrel Effect it is highly advisable to do. It reviews material that works hand-in-hand with your IHP course work.

The Rain Barrel Effect book

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